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Specifications in brief :

  • European version
  • TOP FLOW technology
  • up to 18 circuits
  • simultaneous dosing
  • minimum dosing 1/384 -1/576 and lower
  • ~ error +/- 1% (calibrated fluid)
  • Piston size 6 ounce , 180 mils
  • colorants recirculation
  • colorants stirring
  • DoubleTeflon seals
  • stainless steel piston casing
  • canisters.1.7-3-5 liters
  • Manual or auto nozzle cap
  • raising can shelf electrically driven
  • Software Windows 98-2000
  • Autocalibration software
  • Automatic database production
  • Dim cm - W 77 - D 85 - H 160
  • Voltage -110/220 volts 50/60 C
  • European safety standard


  • LCD flat screen built in
  • Mouse and key board installed



A Patented world-wide technology by Stardale Ltd.

Through this innovative and simple way to dose liquids, the piston technology has matched if not overtaken the precision granted in top market gear tinting machines at a fraction of their cost. Piston technology is at last capable to obtain constant, small and accurate dispensing for quantities below 1/384 A fluid ounce ( 0.077mils) with errors around 1 to 3%, and in time. Error for larger quantities is normally below 1% of the dosed quantity. Complete viscosity spectrum of dosability from water to pastes.



Productivity is never an issue in TOP FLOW products. The simultaneous dosing of 5 colorants at the same time and the 6 ounce piston ( 180 mils, European version) per each product are a guarantee of high productivity and this in contrast with traditional piston capacity of 2 or less ounce ( 60 mils) provided in today shop dispensers sequential and simultaneous.


Limited Maintenance and low spares cost

It's well known to the Industry the lower cost required to service piston machines against any gear type dispenser. We have further reduced such need of maintenance "in today available piston machines" by decreasing the up-down wear and tear of today dispensers by 3 to 4 times, we have furthermore doubled the Teflon seals for longer durability and additionally we have eliminated any belt and turn-table, present in sequential piston machines for maximum affidability and low field service.


PRODUCED in..............

Tinting machines are produced up to date in Italy and China, further production sites are under consideration.